February 2016 Finally, after quite a long time I made a new track called The Hidden Structure that was just released on the first digital release of the Swiss-based label Waehlscheibe. It's somewhere between Dub, Techno, Deep House and Ambient. Tune in here on the right and grab it from Bandcamp


Born in the former eastern part of Berlin in 1985, he was raised in the capital of Germany up to the age of six. When the wall fell, his family decided to settle down in Bavaria and build up a new existence. After he finished academic high school in 2005, he moved to Cologne to get closer to the electronic music scene.

At the age of 14, Martin started producing music and went through a couple of music genres down to the present day including trance, techno, minimal, techdub, drum & bass and house. Currently most of his productions are somewhere between uplifting techno, microhouse and hypnotic minimal music, trying to get out the best of all genres. While showing an excellent understanding for sound design and production, he also has renown for bringing the essence of his sound to clubs and discotheques across Germany.

Played at

Vozduh (Moscow / ru), Distillery (Leipzig / de), RAW Tempel (Berlin / de), Sensor Club, Kulturbunker (Köln / de), Panoptikum (Kassel / de), Climax Institutes (Stuttgart / de), Monkbreakz Festival 2/3 (Kloster Anrode / de), ...